From The President's Desk of George KC6KGH

Well, here I am, back again at the helm as club Interim President because of KB6JFL Rob's Final Resignation.We wish him the best of luck.I'm looking forward to several of our club get-togethers the remainder of this year.

Our next meeting is Thursday the 14th of May.And also one Fantastic Barbecue on Field Day, June 27th at Jerry N6BAR's and Earlene KD6EAC's QTH For All Current BARA Members and Longtime Friends.So,come out and enjoy!! Let's make it a great family time like the Good Old Days!

For those concerned,I had my 6th and final eye surgery on April 16.Thanks so much for your prayers and kind thoughts.I almost feel Bionic.Hope to see everyone soon, better than ever.

Take Care,and 73's.George KC6KGH Interim BARA,Inc.,President



BARA Secretary's Minutes for April 9th, 2009


There were Seventeen in attendance.Meeting was called to order by President Rob KB6JFL at 7:01 PM.Tex KD6UQW led the Pledge of Allegiance.First order of business was the application for membership of David K6KCK.He was voted in and accepted as a new member.

Old Business:N6BAR Jerry mentioned that it would be a good idea to send a donation to Mike N6BYH for the use of the 146.760 repeater.

Rob gave an update of the SHARES Program.Secretay George KC6KGH Noticed in the Club Minutes that were taken in his absence that the Joint Field day voted on was an Incomplete Motion according to Roberts Rules of Order, as no names were mentioned of the Motionee's and that it needed a re-vote in order to continue with the operation of a Joint Field Day between BARA and the KCCVARC.George mentioned that at this late date,there was a noticeable lack of accountability as to who would pay for what,and who was in charge. None of that was mentioned in any minutes or was there a record of discussion.After a lengthy and heated discussion among members,Richard KG6ACH made the motion to rescind the Joint Field Day because of the Lack of Accountability and the foreseeable potential for problems allowing the KCCVARC to make other Plans.Tex KD6UQW 2nd the motion......and Rob KB6JFL asked for a vote immediately.A raised Hand vote was taken and five voted in favor of a Joint Filed Day,and Nine members voted against it.So,therefore,the Vote stood and the Motion carried.No Joint Field Day.There were continued comments and discussion.

New Business: Jerry N6BAR made the motion after discussion of repeater usage to send one hundred dollars to Mike N6BYH.Tex KD6UQW 2nd it....motion carried.More comments continued about No Joint Field day,and because of it Joe KI6LPU resigned his membership as well as Mark,WI6J.They walked out of the meeting.Both are currently Vice President and President of the KCCVARC as well.WI6J before leaving also mentioned that he would perform No More Ham testing sessions for BARA. Rob KB6JFL then Resigned for the 2nd time in 2 1/2 years as BARA President and surrendered his membership as well.John KE6BEZ accepted in a motion made that he would accept Rob's resignation.Tex KD6UQW 2nd it.Motion carried.George KC6KGH went back to his former post as Interim President and Secretary of BARA,Inc.Tex KD6UQW made a motion to adjourn at 8:07 pm.Dan KE6UHG 2nd it.







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